• February 2021 Rising Stars On OnlyFans

February 2021 Rising Stars On OnlyFans

It may be the shortest month of the year but at OnlyFans, there is certainly no shortage of content creators showcasing their talents and passions. From cosplayers to foodies to beauty lovers, there’s a wide variety of content creators to check out and subscribe to, including microinfluencers with a modest and loyal following. Here’s our list of February 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Dine with Viii OnlyFans

Dine with Viii

If you’re crazy about food, then check out Vanessa, aka Dine with Viii. She’s a total foodie who recently joined OnlyFans to share plant-based cooking content and updates on her health journey with her fans. Also, check out her ‘silhouette yoga’ videos and ‘Tummy Tuesday’ series where she talks top tips on feeding your gut with the food it needs.

Speaking about using OnlyFans to share her food content, Viii said:

“As a relatively small content creator, OnlyFans has given me a much better opportunity to share my passion for food and nutrition with other like-minded foodies. The best part about OnlyFans for me is that I get to be a lot more personal with my followers, and I really appreciate the support that they show me and their positive feedback on the foods I make. I love it when my followers share pictures of their food with me and I am always happy to exchange cooking tips too! It’s all a lot of fun!”

Local Magic Gal OnlyFans

Local Magic Gal

OnlyFans is a popular platform for many cosplayers including Sachi, also known as Local Magic Gal. A streamer with a love for space and puppies, she’s using her OnlyFans to post cosplay content, photosets and behind-the-scenes footage on her day-to-day life so you can get a sneak peek!

Speaking about her experience as a cosplayer on OnlyFans, Local Magic Gal said:

“So far my experience creating on OnlyFans has been amazing! I love being able to create specifically for a special audience and give my supporters a more personal behind-the-scenes look into my cosplay world. All the support I’ve gotten so far has allowed me to work on bigger cosplay projects for my community and bigger shoots as well! I love creating on this site.”

The Shea Show OnlyFans

The Shae Show

Jacqueline, aka The Shae Show, is a musician and model who has joined OnlyFans to showcase her musical talents and express her creativity. She will be playing song requests from her fans on the piano every week. So, if you have any tunes that you’d like her to play for you, then check out her OnlyFans account and subscribe.

Speaking about her decision to join OnlyFans, The Shae Show said:

“OnlyFans is an amazing platform where I am truly able to showcase something that has meant a lot to me my entire life, that being music. It’s given me a creative outlet to post videos of myself singing and playing the piano (two of my absolute favorite hobbies) as well as a place to showcase my modeling work! I feel like I get to be my most authentic self on OnlyFans, which is awesome because I very much value genuity in life. People on OnlyFans are also super kind, genuine, and supportive – which means the world and creates an amazing online environment! It brings me so much joy to share my passions with others. Thank you to OnlyFans for allowing me to do just that!”

Kenzie & Roman OnlyFans

Kenzie & Roman

Known as ‘your new favourite couple’, Kenzie & Roman are TV and radio hosts who recently joined OnlyFans to connect closely with their audience. They’ve been using the platform to post exclusive content and give fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into life as a loved-up couple, which is a lot of fun!

Sharing their positive experiences of signing up to OnlyFans, Kenzie & Roman said:

“Our only regret about OnlyFans is that we didn’t sign up sooner! The way this audience has embraced our pics, videos and behind-the-scenes content is like no other social media platform out there! We honestly can’t wait to connect with our followers even more as we grow on both OnlyFans and OFTV!”

skinxbeauty OnlyFans


Skincare is a popular trend in the online world right now, with many content creators becoming ‘skinfluencers‘ and offering advice and sharing their favourite products. However, if you’re looking for top skincare tips, then look no further than Skinxbeauty. She shares her knowledge and expertise on this topic, as well as discussing her latest fashion finds.

Talking about her passion for skincare and the decision to sign up to OnlyFans, Skinxbeauty said:

“I’m always feeling comfortable in my mind, body and spirit and that’s what it’s all about. I am super passionate about medical aesthetics and all things skin. On my page Skinxbeauty, I am happy to be sharing skincare products and regimes, body positivity with healthy lifestyle tips, fashion trends and more! I started using OnlyFans because it gave me the opportunity to connect with people who share similar interests with me and encourage those as well. Skincare and beauty positivity is a passion of mine and being able to share that experience with others is why I love posting what I post and connecting with others. I like the idea of OnlyFans because I am able to branch out and express different areas of interest such as fashion. On my page, you can find a variety of fashion trends, tips, and different brands to shop.”

Who are your favourite OnlyFans creators for this month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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