• Exclusive Interview With Claire Cesarz

Exclusive Interview With Claire Cesarz

Check out this exclusive interview with Claire Cesarz! She’s a high-fashion model, writer, mental health advocate, animal lover and OnlyFans creator. She talks about how she got started in her career, gives advice on self-love, and shares her top tips for becoming a successful content creator.

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Who are you and what do you do?

Hey, my name is Claire, also known as The Rusty Ranger. I am a high fashion model, piano player, writer and a huge mental health advocate.

How do you juggle your numerous talents and passions?

I have finally found a way to bring all of those together [by] using the OnlyFans platform. It’s been really cool to be able to post a lot of my music or my blogs, different writing, and just to share my story with everybody. It’s just an incredible feeling.

How did you get into writing?

I always loved reading when I was a kid, I was always reading so many different books all the time. Like that was just what I did and I loved getting lost into different worlds, and once I realised that I could create and write my own, [that] just became amazing.

Tell us about your dogs. They’re so cute!

My dogs that I have right now – my dogs are Rue and Ravi. They’re both miniature dachshunds. Rue is eight years old and she is a cream dapple dachshund. And then Ravi, he just turned a year old this past week and he is a red-based Brindle. So, if you’re into dog breeds and colours, you’ll get what I mean. If not you’ll just see them and you’re like “Oh they are so cute!”

What’s been your highlight working in the fashion industry?

I got to work for Oscar de la Renta, that was amazing! Before the show started, I had a chance to try on all of my shoes. My shoes were way too big so I stuffed them with tissue paper and my dresser took the tissue paper out of my heels, and I didn’t realise it until my runway director was like “OK, go!” – you know, like it’s my turn to walk. [As] soon as I start walking, I can feel my shoes and I can feel my right one is clapping. I just stepped out of my heel and I kept walking, but then I walked on the ball of my feet, so I still had a heel on in one shoe and then on my way back, I just casually picked the shoe up and then kept walking. That was one of those, like, ‘damn I felt really cool’ moments because I was able to keep my cool. Still, show the look off and keep walking and acting like nothing had happened and I just felt so amazing.

What inspired you to advocate for mental health?

I felt like mental health wasn’t something that was being addressed enough, anywhere. I don’t want anyone to ever feel the way that I’ve felt. By sharing my experiences, I can help others who might be struggling with comparison and depression and feeling like you’re not worthy or good enough for [empathy] or whatever it might be, and hopefully inspire everyone else to share their own unique talents and interests, and to be true to who they are and to keep going.

What are your top three tips for anyone wanting to practise self-love?

Top three? Breathe, quiet your mind, turn off all the noise. And practise patience. I know that healing is not linear.

What are your top three tips for succeeding as an online content creator?

Just be yourself. You can look at other creators for inspiration or ideas for what to do, but this show is what you’re about. What’s your niche? What do you love? What makes you unique compared to everybody else?

The other thing is consistency. If you’re not consistently trying to connect with people and chat with them, respond to messages, comments, emails… if you are not able to keep with consistency, you’re not going to be successful. Try to be unique – you do need to have something that makes you stand out. That’s something that I learned working in the modelling industry. There are hundreds and thousands of very beautiful, beautiful people out in the world, but and that’s it, you’re pretty, but, what else do you have to offer?

What can your fans expect to see on your OnlyFans?

That is the place where you are going to see me in my most raw and open form. I am here to talk about, like I said, the nitty-gritty, the good and the bad. Everything about life, modelling, mental health, animals, Star Wars and also share my really goofy creative, eclectic life with you.

I hope to see you there. Let’s have some fun. Let’s grow together.

Thank you to Claire Cesarz for taking the time to participate in this interview. Check out her content on OnlyFans.

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