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8 Ways to Engage With Your Fans

Whether you’re a musician, actor, fitness guru, or another type of content creator, your fans are the driving force for your success. Fans are the most important part of your career because without their support you wouldn’t be where you are today. On OnlyFans, your fans support you financially as well. 

Because your fans are so crucial, it’s important to engage with them as much as possible so that they remain loyal and keep supporting you. Turn your fans into superfans with these eight simple ways to engage with your audience.

Go live

Live-streaming has flourished in recent years because it allows influencers to engage with their fans in real-time. It allows you, as a creator, to express yourself in front of your community which will give your fans an idea of what you’re really like in person. Superfans usually really enjoy this kind of “in-the-moment” experience. 

Depending on what kind of content you create, it’s also a great opportunity to host live shows, concerts and Q&A sessions.

Post a poll- Content ideas 2021

Post a Poll

Creating a poll is a great opportunity for your fans to give you their opinion on a subject or topic relating to you, or just something you find interesting. This could be letting your fans have their say on what kind of content you make next or whether your account should be free or paid etc. Letting your fans be part of the process strengthens a sense of community on your page and lets your fans feel like their input matters. 

Open the door to conversation

The next time someone comments on your latest post, try striking up a conversation. Giving a simple thumbs up or a “thanks” is nice, but you can do so much more. Try engaging in conversations with your audience and getting to know them on a personal level. This shows that you genuinely care about your audience and fans love that!

Post at the right time

If you post content when most of your fans are asleep, they could be missing out, especially if that content is ephemeral. Try to figure out when your followers are most active and post your content around that time frame. If you are European and most of your fanbase are US based, for example, try publishing your content to cater to their time zones. The scheduling tools on OnlyFans could help you with this.

Grab their attention through stories

Much like other social media platforms, stories on OnlyFans appear at the top of your followers’ homepages, ensuring that your content doesn’t get lost in their feed.

Stories are a great way to show off your human side by sharing highlights of your personal lifestyle. Production quality is expected to be less polished in stories so it’s a great excuse to post something quick and easy, whilst still providing your audience with their daily dose of content. 

Ask questions and respond

Asking questions is a great way to bring all your fans together in one thread whilst also asking for information about what kind of content they want to see from you! This can give you some insight into what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. It’s the perfect way to cater your content to your fans’ preferences. Try to respond promptly to fans who are kind enough to engage with you.

One-to-one messaging

If you really want to get to know your fans, message them directly via direct messages (DMs). As well as messaging followers on an individual basis, OnlyFans allows you to send messages to all of your fans at once. Not only can you use messaging to speak to your fans but you can also attach media including photos and videos, with the option of selling them for a price via PPV (Pay-Per-View) messaging.

Show Some Love

Nothing says fan love like a shoutout. Tag your top fans in a post or story and let your community know that you recognise and appreciate them. There’s also a feature that allows you to notify your top fans, which can be found in your Settings. 

These are just some of the methods that you can use to engage with your fans. Try experimenting and see what works for you. With regular feature updates, there’s sure to be even more ways of interacting with your subscribers on OnlyFans in the months and years to come. 

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