• December 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

December 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Happy holidays! Are you in the mood to subscribe to more wonderful OnlyFans accounts? With the numerous content creators blossoming on our platform, there are plenty of OnlyFans profiles to subscribe to for engaging, entertaining and informative content during this festive month. Here are the December 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Lecoindupatissier OnlyFans

Dorian Tudeau

Dorian Tudeau is a master pâtissier also known as Le Coin Du Pâtissier. On his OnlyFans page, you can view his delicious and mouth-watering pastry dishes, and you can learn the basics of French pastry and top baking tips. So, subscribe to his account now and indulge your tastebuds.

Speaking about how using OnlyFans has been beneficial for him as a pastry chef, Dorian Tudeau says:

“The platform allowed me to reach a new community in order to share and transmit my knowledge to as many people as possible.”

Miret Padovani OnlyFans

Miret Padovani

Miret Padovani is a marketing expert who’s interested in “making marketing and business talk fun.” Thanks to OnlyFans, she is able to share her knowledge and expertise on how to succeed in business, as well as sharing marketing advice for brand owners and content creators. So, join the conversation now by checking out her OnlyFans page.

Talking about what she loves about using OnlyFans as a marketing expert, Miret Padovani says:

“What I love most about being on OnlyFans is the opportunity to connect with an authentic, genuine group of creators. I’ve received some very interesting marketing and business-related questions in [the] DMs from fellow creators – e.g. how to strategically price their content.”

Magic of Keelan OnlyFans

Keelan Wendorf

Keelan Wendorf is a magician, illusionist, comedian and magic consultant from Indiana. After discovering the power of magic at school, he decided to pursue a career in the field and has been performing tricks ever since, as well as doing comedy shows and making people laugh. Plus, thanks to his magical talents, he’s highly ranked in the top 15 for Magicians in Chicago 2021, and he’s been featured on CNN. For more illusion and amusement, take a step into Keelan’s magical world by subscribing to his OnlyFans page.

Sharing his thoughts on his time on OnlyFans so far, Keelan Wendorf says:

“OnlyFans has been incredible. It has opened my fan base to more people and I’m happy to bring the wonder of magic and comedy to others.”

Darling Daisy May OnlyFans

Darling Daisy May

If you’re interested in content from a down-to-earth creator, then you should definitely check out Darling Daisy May. She’s an animal trainer, blogger and DIY enthusiast who absolutely loves sharing her life online with her fans on her OnlyFans page. Subscribe, view more of her personal and positive content, connect closely with her and enjoy.

Discussing what it’s like to use OnlyFans and why she loves using our platform, Daisy May said:

“OnlyFans allows me to explore my passions and share them with the world. My life has become so much more fulfilled since finding a place where I can connect with people who are captivated by the same things that excite me. It feels incredible to share my journey with them. The OnlyFans platform has been incredible, from the support team to continued updates and new features added. I love checking to see what new things are going on with the site and my fans!”

M Romeo Larmond OnlyFans

Romeo Larmond

Romeo Larmond is a musician, dancer, actor and content creator based between the UK and LA. After singing from a young age and embarking on a journey to create music that brings chilled vibes, he’s been able to carve out a successful career. His songs ‘Spaceship’, ‘Do Something’, ‘Right Here Again’, ‘Explode’, ‘Taste U’ and ‘Justice’ have all appeared on streaming services and his profile on social media and on his OnlyFans page keeps on growing.

Speaking about his love for OnlyFans, Romeo Larmond said:

“I’m so excited and happy for future prospects from the OnlyFans team. You have been watching me post content that I know people love, may it be music or just everyday lifestyle, you have given me the platform to show off my creative content to the world. OnlyFans, I can only thank you to reaching out to me [and] giving me this opportunity to be a great and successful content creator. [This is a] platform I will recommend for anyone in the creative industry.

My talents are just endless, from becoming a musician, dancer, singer and actor, just keep watching as we grow as a family.

I thank you, OnlyFans.”

Baked By Josie OnlyFans

Baked by Josie

If you are enthusiastic about baking and love trying out new recipes in your spare time, then you should look at Baked By Josie’s OnlyFans page, where she shares her baking content, as well as showcasing recipe content on OFTV. So why not get inspired and give some of her baking tips a try?

Talking about how OnlyFans has allowed her to pursue her passion, Josie said:

“Lots of people dream of making money on social media and being their own boss, but can’t figure out how. OnlyFans gives you the tools you need to make it happen. Of course, I was really nervous at first, but I’ve gained a ton of confidence in myself along the way! I have loved the experience so far and I am really excited to see what the future holds for me and the platform in general. It’s an amazing time to be a creator.”

ChanyTattoo OnlyFans


ChanyTattoo is a fashion and tattoo model from Germany. With a love for tattoos, she’s been able to take her passion and turn it into a small business and collaborate with brands. Now, you can subscribe to her OnlyFans page to view exclusive photoshoots that you can’t view anywhere else.

Sharing her positive thoughts on using OnlyFans as a content creator, ChanyTattoo said:

“OnlyFans gives me the opportunity to present content to a closed group of people that is truly intended for the closest fans. I find this exclusivity, in combination with the great opportunity to earn [money], a great package that includes everything. I am glad that I registered with this platform. I can only recommend it to everyone!”

Laura Vetter OnlyFans

Laura Vetter

Laura Vetter is a content creator, influencer, podcaster, and actress. She appeared in the reality soap opera ‘Berlin – Day & Night’ and has been running her own lifestyle podcast, titled ‘#TeamMayo’ since 2020. As an influencer, she’s collaborated with brands such as Shein and Douglas Cosmetics. You can take a step into her world, enjoy good vibes, and view exclusive content from Laura on her OnlyFans page.

Discussing her experience of using OnlyFans so far, Laura Vetter said:

“OnlyFans has been a great experience and gave me a chance to share a different side of myself, but also immerse myself into the entire fan experience, and establish a bond with my fans that I couldn’t have done on any other social media platform. OnlyFans has given me the ability to freely decide what I want to share without any limitations, [and] with direct feedback from my beloved fans.”

Who are your favourite December 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments!

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