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December 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

What a year it’s been on OnlyFans! With digital interactions becoming more meaningful to us than ever, we’ve seen so much wonderful content shared by creators of all genres. As we head into the new year, we look forward to seeing what they provide for their fans in 2021. But the year is not over just yet, so here are a few creators who have certainly ended the year on a high. Meet the December 2020 Rising Stars.

December 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans- UberDad


Personal trainer and fitness professional Steven Bechtold, also known as UberDad helps busy professionals gain more vibrant energy, transform their body and take charge of their lives. He’s sharing workouts as well as motivating and educating his fans on the platform. Speaking about his time with OnlyFans, Steven said:

“OnlyFans has helped me share my fascination with mental and physical health in an interactive way. Connecting with fans helps me create relevant content. I’m a big believer in practising what you preach so I enjoy giving fans a glimpse into my life!”

December 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans- Keep Chambers


Yogi, model and travel enthusiast Keepers has joined OnlyFans to allow her fans to follow her journey on a more personal level. She even provides mindfulness tips and offers lessons to help them find their flow. Here’s what she says about her time on the platform: 

“Joining OnlyFans has changed my life in the best way. This platform is perfect for showcasing my modelling work, yoga, travelling lifestyle and even offering one on one modelling/yoga lessons. I love that OnlyFans gives me an easy avenue to connect with fans, share my exclusive photoshoots, provide knowledge, and so much more.”

December 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans- Brad Gosse

Brad Gosse

Comedian and ‘the world’s worst Children’s book author’ Brad Gosse has joined us on OnlyFans this year to share his most hilarious and uncensored comedy. His fans can laugh out loud as he reads along with them and provides them with a reason to chuckle. Here’s what he has to say about OnlyFans:

“OnlyFans gives me a place to put my comedy without being censored. Allowing me to be creative and unrestricted.”

December 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans- Oly Sounds

Oly Sounds

Las Vegas based singer-songwriter Oly Sounds has recently joined us on OnlyFans to share her musical journey. She’s giving her fans a chance to see behind the scenes and catch her music before anyone else. She will even be showing them how she writes a song from start to finish! Speaking about joining the platform she said:

“I’m so excited to be a part of OnlyFans. I can’t wait to share great photos, unreleased music that can’t be heard anywhere else & really fun live performances.”

December 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans- LJ Beauty

L.J. Beauty

Makeup artist Lady Jetlag has joined OnlyFans to share her beauty influence. On her page, you can find everything from fabulous step by step tutorials to quick, fun makeup tip videos. All of her fans join her #beautygang as she starts interesting conversations around relationships and gives her best advice. Here’s what she has to say about her OnlyFans experience:

“On other social media platforms, I felt my makeup skills and talent did not shine because I was not popular enough or people did not value my work, if I am being honest I felt invisible because there are so many talented artists in my field. On OnlyFans I got the exact opposite response! Not only was I able to monetize quickly through OnlyFans where it helped me add to my deposit for my aesthetics program so I can start earlier, but I have people who truly enjoy, love and APPRECIATE my craft & I TRULY feel seen. Thank you OnlyFans this opportunity has exceeded far BEYOND my expectations!”

To check out her bubbly personality, have a watch of this video:

We are looking forward to seeing many more rising stars on the platform in 2021 and beyond.

Do any of you follow these creators? What do you think of their content? Or perhaps you follow another creator who you think is also a rising star? Let us know in the comments!

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