David Marshall, using his OnlyFans to make a difference

An Influencer Giving Back

We at OnlyFans recently became aware of one of our creators, David Marshall, raising funds via his OnlyFans page. The money was raised as a donation to an Australian suicide prevention charity. David began raising money for charity, Beyond Blue, in early 2018, and was able to raise an incredible $5,000 AUD. Although, in December, David found out that his chosen charity would be returning his donation, stating, “they cannot accept his donations, because they came from activities such as gambling, alcohol and pornography.” This is obviously something David didn’t expect, but he was still determined for this money to go to charity.

When asking David how this setback made him feel, his response was that it was, “a bit heart breaking”. And, understandably so.  He continued and stated he viewed the way in which he raised the funds “as any other income”. Nevertheless, even with this set back, this didn’t stop David as he was determined for these funds to go to a cause he cares about. As soon as finding out the news, he began looking for a different charity, and this is how he came across Sydney’s Black Dog Institution.

It was a bit heart-breaking, I was at the gym and when they called it really wasn’t what I expected. I see it as any other income, you can do what you like with the money you earn, and I felt it was a positive way to be able to help.

Using Your Following To Make a Difference

Prior to finding the Black Dog Institution, David had raised an already amazing $5,000 AUD, but he went the extra mile, and doubled his donation to $10,000 AUD. Since the initial donation, David has made an additional $2,000 AUD. This was raised through a Christmas event and auction. The charitable donations he has made have been incredible, but they do not appear to be stopping, or even slowing down. Since his initial donations, David has also donated $2,100 AUD towards Ellen DeGeneres’ gorilla fund. This donation is just another testament to Davids heart, and his desire to make a change.

Care for the Cause

Both Beyond Blue, and Sydney’s Black Dog Institution, are Australian based charities focused around suicide prevention and mental health awareness. We asked David if this is a factor or reason behind choosing these charities. He responded by informing us that his father had tragically taken his own life two years ago. Continuing, David stated that, “The mental health side of things is very close to my heart” both due to his father, and “the number of friends and love I have received from the LGBT community, where there is such a high rate of suicide and depression just for “being yourself”.

Suicide prevention and mental health awareness are areas that David holds close to his heart. He told us that he will “always give towards the Black Dog Institute” and that they have been “very supportive to me”. Obviously, they are a charity that greatly appreciates the efforts and the donations David has made. He also informed us that they even phoned him to say hello and to just let him know that they are always here to help, an unexpected, but kind and refreshing gesture.

I will always give towards the black dog institute as they have been very supportive to me, they actually called me today just to say hi, thank me and let them know they are there to help. Other charities I have felt with in the past will only contact for more donations so knowing my charity is run by humans is a loving touch.

No Signs of Stopping

David joined OnlyFans in April of 2018, and has been able to raise funds in the region of $15,000 AUD. When asked whether he believed he had made the right decision to both use the site and use his earnings to donate to a charitable cause, he responded by saying, “it was one of the best decisions of my life, as I would like to think the money is going to help an amazing cause.” David’s good will and donations seem to have no limits, as he is making plans to use his Twitch account, where he will be mostly streaming game play, as well as a fitness-based channel, to earn and give back.

A friend had seen others using it and suggested it to me, it was one of the best decisions as I would like to think the money donated is going to help an amazing cause.

An Ever Growing Following

In recent years, David has been able to build a large social media following, 125k on Instagram alone. As a child, David says that he was “always a shy person” and still feels like “an introvert”. He stated that he feels very humbled by the fact that he went from not necessarily feeling accepted by his peers at school, to having a social media in excess of 100k. Although, he does still face difficulties seeing himself not as the person he was in school.

David is an openly gay male and has stated he was fortunate enough that he didn’t face any negativity from coming out This was mainly as the people around him were incredibly supportive of him.

A Thank You, From A Creator to Their Fans

David is a man set on giving back to those that need it, and simply wants to use his following to really make a change to people’s lives for the better. He has a great love for his fans, and views them as his friends. To show his appreciation

“Thank you. Where I am would not have been at all possible without them. I still do my best to read and respond to every message and DM on Instagram and OnlyFans, even if that’s a thank you or a heart emoji, they are the people that made this happen and they are the ones that should be thanked.”

David has given so much already, and does not plan on stopping, which is something that can only be praised. Hopefully, the future will bring even more success to David’s charitable endeavours.

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