• creating in the time of coronavirus

Creating in the Time of Coronavirus

When faced with adversity in times such as these, most creators want to do what we can to protect our families, safeguard our livelihoods and help our communities. You might not be a doctor or nurse, but you do have a valuable skill. A skill that can keep you inspired, earn money and raise the spirits of your online communities during this period of social distancing: content creation.

Creating in the time of coronavirus comes with its challenges, but it’s very possible. Here are some things that might help. 

Reconsider where you create your content

If you make your money online and set your own schedule then you have one big advantage over many other workers: you can work without being physically present at a workplace.

However, this is not to say that content creators are not inconvenienced by the outbreak, they are. You usually might book weird and wonderful spaces to shoot your content in if you’re a performer or photographer, or you might film a lot in the gym if you’re a fitness creator.

It’s time to change your strategy now, and make more content at home. If you’re concerned that your audience will find your surroundings boring, we find that fans respond to authenticity from creators more than anything else. Your fans are here for you, not for fancy shiny backgrounds and effects.

They will be staying at home too of course, which helps. If you’re a fitness creator, they will probably appreciate the home workout tips!

If you start to get cabin fever, most health authorities agree that it is safe to venture into the great outdoors as long as you don’t have symptoms, so why not make content there? Just stay 1.5m away from anyone you meet.

Natural light can be very flattering, especially if you go first thing in the morning, and that’s the time when you are least likely to run into anyone too.

Stream events

Musicians, dancers, actors… all kinds of performers are having to deal with the loss of income, exposure and career satisfaction that live events usually provide. If this is you, we invite you to use OnlyFans to stream your performance online. Your loyal fans will be missing your performances as much as you are and will really appreciate being able to watch your performance and interact with you in real-time. Remember that fans can tip you when you use our Go Live feature so this can be a big moneymaker too. Once you’ve finished, Go Live allows you to upload your stream as a normal video, so your fans can catch up later if they miss your performance.

Collaborate Online

We love it when OnlyFans creators collaborate but in the midst of a pandemic, it might not be worth the risk of travelling to meet up physically. But it’s very possible to have mutually beneficial collaborations online, without the need to meet in person.

We’ve seen creators come together to create “variety shows” with contributions from different kinds of creators, filmed remotely. Like in-person collaborations, this has the benefits of creating novel content and exposing your work to another creator’s fanbase, but without the risk. Working on a project together also has the much-needed benefit of social connection during this lonely time.

Run a sale

You may be stuck at home bored but so are millions of others, looking for something to fill their time and lift their spirits. Many of these people could be potential fans. Try enticing them in with a sale, or by temporarily making your account free while everyone is self-isolating.

You’d be in good company with media providers from around the world adopting similar measures. To ease the boredom of lockdown in Japan, over 450 volumes of manga have been made free to read online. As well as this, Sky are allowing customers paying for their SkySports package to pause their subscription due to the cancellation of sporting events due to coronavirus fears, with the NFL and NBA offering similar deals to their customers.

You would be raising your profile whilst doing a solid for bored, worried people desperate for content. And don’t forget, free accounts can still be high earners, with paid features like tipping, pay-per-view messages, and paid posts.


OnlyFans is building up quite a reputation as a great place for charitable giving, with creators having launched incredibly successful fundraising campaigns for environmental and mental health-related causes. If you can spare some of your earnings, why not be a good samaritan and help the vulnerable during this difficult time?

You could rally your fans to support a self-employed creator who is not doing as well as you. Or you could donate a proportion of your OnlyFans earnings to the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 response fund or to a charity helping the virus effort in your country. 

Embrace the chance to work on creative projects (if you want)

It’s hard to see the positives in a disease which is causing suffering worldwide. But making all that time at home meaningful and taking your mind off everything could help you stay sane during self-isolation or social distancing. As a creative, you probably have a big project that you never work on as much as you would like because you don’t have enough time to yourself. Now is the time to dedicate yourself to that project, if you think that would take your mind off coronavirus and help you feel fulfilled.

Only take on a big project if it will be helpful. Many creators will be feeling tired, anxious, even burnt out during this difficult time and could do without the extra pressure of feeling like they have to come up with something amazing. Know how you work and be gentle with yourself.

Take care of your mental health

Advice on maintaining your physical health abounds right now but don’t neglect self-care for the mind during this period. The World Health Organisation has released guidance on how to take care of your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. The advice included strategies such as reading the news on the virus once or twice a day at specific times, having a routine and checking in with loved ones regularly.

I would like to close by saying that being a content creator is important and you matter, especially now. Creators lift spirits, keep minds active and connect people. These things are crucial during this pandemic. So let’s keep it up.

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