• Cosplay creators on OnlyFans

Cosplay Creators on OnlyFans

The popularity of cosplay has proven that even adults love dressing up. For the uninitiated, cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game. What began as a Japanese phenomenon has gone global. Top cosplay creators are reaching celebrity status around the world, amassing large followings on social media platforms, particularly Instagram where they post visual content for their eager fans.

Cosplay – a brief history

The term cosplay was originally coined in Japan in 1984 and was inspired by the growing number of fans attending science fiction conventions in full costume. A portmanteau of the words costume and play, cosplay is performance art in which participants (called cosplayers) wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent characters from Japanese anime or manga, Western cartoons, comics, live-action films, TV shows and video games.

Since 1990, cosplay has exploded in popularity, both at conventions and online. The advent of social media has given cosplay stars the opportunity to live as their favourite characters, grow their platform and perform for their fans.

Cosplay Creators on OnlyFans

Unlike mainstream influencers looking to monetise their influence, cosplayers aren’t as in demand for brand placement and issues with copyright can make advertising revenue tricky. So cosplay creators are turning to OnlyFans to generate income by providing exclusive content, like behind-the-scenes footages, character videos and direct message content for their loyal fans who are willing to subscribe to see more.

A selection of cosplay creators currently on OnlyFans include:

Jenifer Ann

102K Instagram followers

Sofia Sivan

304K Instagram Followers


BBy.chan (Olivia)

23.2K Instagram followers

Violet Cosplay

49K Instagram followers

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