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How To Congratulate Your Top Fans On OnlyFans

Believe us, your fans notice all the hard work you put into your OnlyFans content. Now it’s your turn to notice your fans! With the Top Fans feature, you can publicly acknowledge and show appreciation for your top 5% fans. Here’s how to congratulate your top fans on OnlyFans.


What is a Top Fan?

On OnlyFans, Top Fans are those followers who make up the top 1% to 5% of your subscribers. The percentage is calculated based on: the number of interactions between them and you, the amount of tips they’ve given you, and the sum of purchases they make to you. 

Each month, we’ll automatically calculate your new top fans based on the purchases and interactions made during the previous month. So with a clean slate beginning every month, there’s more opportunities for different subscribers to reach Top Fan status!

How to Congratulate Your Top Fans

Enable the Top Fans feature through your OnlyFans profile by selecting ‘Settings’. From there, you’ll have the option to send notifications each month to the top 1% and 5% of your fans.

top fans on OnlyFans

Now, at the start of each month, any fan that is in your top 5% will receive a congratulatory message.

It really is that easy to get up and running with Top Fans! 

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