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Congratulate Your Top Fans: OnlyFans Feature

Offering exclusive content to your fans is a great way to engage them and retain their attention. Offering tailored content to individual fans, and rewarding your most loyal of followers has been made easier than ever with our latest feature. OnlyFans has recently enabled creators to select their top 1% – 5% of fans only, placing them under the bracket of “Top Fans”. Read on to find out how this works and how to congratulate your top fans. 

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How to Congratulate Your Top Fans

Creators are able to enable this by going to their profile page in settings. When on this page there will be an option to send a notification each month to your top 1% and 5% of all your fans.

At the start of each month, any fan that is in the top 5% of a creator’s fans will receive a congratulatory message from OnlyFans. 

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How does one become a top fan of a creator?

The percentage is worked out based on interaction, tips and purchases a subscriber makes to an individual creator. Each month’s top fans are based solely on the purchases and interaction during that month and not the lifetime of the subscription.

What this comes down to is, it is anyone’s game to earn that top spot.

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