• Christmas Content Ideas

Christmas Content Ideas

Chances are, you might be skipping the in-person Christmas parties this year, so why not bring the seasonal cheer online? Seasonal content is a colourful and effective part of a successful digital strategy. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! We’ve put together a few Christmas content ideas to entertain and engage your fans, allowing you to end 2020 on a high.

Advent calendar

If you really want to invest in your OnlyFans account this month, why not build hype by doing a countdown to Christmas? Like an advent calendar, commit yourself to posting content every day this month until the 25th. You’ll build loyalty as your fans will be logging in regularly to see what you’ve published that day. If the content is Christmas themed, then even better. 

co-stream on OnlyFans

Christmas Party

In a normal year, for a lot of people, December is party season. If you’re missing your Christmas party this year, why not have a virtual one with your subscribers using the Go Live Feature on OnlyFans? Streaming is a great way to get to know your fans by interacting with them in real-time, all whilst bringing some Christmas cheer into their homes. You could listen to Christmas music together, play games or just chat.  Host the party by yourself or team up with a fellow creator and co-stream together.

Dressing up

Halloween might be the main holiday associated with dressing up but there are lots of options for Christmas cosplay as well. You could go for the classic Santa outfit or reindeer horns, dress up as a character from your favourite Christmas film or get out that Christmas jumper. Some seasonal outfits will add a bit of Christmassy colour to your page.


Of course, Christmas is about giving and helping others as well as receiving. If you’re in a position to do so, why not give something back by using your OnlyFans page to fundraise for a cause you care about? The target feature is very useful for this. Raising money for charity is a great way to engage your fans and you can finish the year knowing you’ve helped someone in need.

Gift unwrapping

Who doesn’t love a bit of unwrapping? Share your Christmas gifts with your fans by filming your unwrapping this year. OnlyFans also has the option to link your Amazon wish list to your page, so maybe you will be able to open gifts from your fans as well! Your fans will really enjoy seeing the look on your face when you open your gift from them, knowing that you appreciate them.

Fan Stats

Treat your top fans

Just as you give gifts to your family and friends who have been there for you this year, you can show your appreciation for your top fans who have really supported you this year on OnlyFans. In your fan stats page, you can sort your fans by tip amount and other metrics that allow you to see who has gone the extra mile for you. Why not reward these top fans with a piece of tailor-made, exclusive content just for them?

What are your Christmas content ideas?

Have you got big plans for your OnlyFans page this Christmas? Share your Christmas content ideas with us in the comments!

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