• Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand

As social media becomes more entrenched in everyday life, impacting areas from commerce to communication, opportunities for full-time influencer careers have exploded. According to estimates from Business Insider’s Influencer Marketing Report, the influencer marketing industry will be worth $15 billion by 2022. Brands are investing in their chosen influencers, driving up engagement on their social channels and compensating them in ways traditionally reserved for celebrities. Building your brand can see big returns.

This new influx of investment and opportunity led to a saturation of the market, with each social media platform appealing to a different demographic. Influencing has become a billion-dollar industry and influencer marketing is the toolbox to creating a unique individual brand. The emergence of subscription content sites such as OnlyFans will certainly have major roles to play in this developing industry, so setting up a strategy for establishing your brand will drastically increase your earning potential.

Identify your audience

A burgeoning website with over 20 million registered users, OnlyFans presents a lucrative opportunity avenue for an influencer. However, appealing to an established sector or accumulating a niche group of followers can be a challenge. Selecting the correct market for your content is essential, as well as researching into the varieties that are most popular with subscribers.

If you are seeking to build influence in a saturated sector such as fitness or cosplay, there will be plenty of interested customers to attract but also a fiercer amount of competition. It is important to keep your content unique and engaging at all times, responding to custom content requests and private messages as well as keeping up with the popularity of certain types of creators.

If it’s a more niche market you wish to target, it may be worth identifying the other platforms that your target audience frequent. Build a presence on Twitch, Wix or Reddit and encouraging your followers to subscribe to your OnlyFans profile. Be aware that your personality and public image should correspond to your audience’s tastes and interests, so a healthy amount of research and image cultivation is very important.

Cementing your place

Crafting an influencer marketing strategy for your brand may be a daunting prospect, however, it is an essential method for achieving long term success. Research conducted in 2019 indicates that 90% of companies have a dedicated budget to influencer marketing, so it certainly pays to have an understanding of it.

The tactics employed in these campaigns revolve around building brand awareness, for example, contests and cooperation with similar influencers. Utilising fan interaction is a key method of driving up your engagement figures and popularity, such as a poll to determine what your next public release will be or a competition with private content offered as the prize. The more creative you are with your prizes and polls, the more unique and interesting your brand becomes to your fanbase.

Reaching out to creators and influencers for a potential collaborative enterprise is another way to strengthen a successful brand. The sheer number of likeminded individuals clamouring to create popular content can make this challenging at first, it’s important to plan ahead. Identify similar creators with a substantial following among your relevant audience and think about how they can provide an authentic voice for your up and coming profile. Mutually beneficial partnerships will increase your trust and popularity amongst your target audience.

Staying ahead of the curve

The popularity of specific types of content on social media is constantly fluctuating, as platforms develop new features to stay ahead of their competitors. Instagram is an excellent example of this, not only due to the fairly recent implementation of stories, but the differences in popular aesthetics from 2014 to the present day.

Take for example the fashion influencer Rosie Clayton, who rose to prominence with a profile full of carefully staged images of herself, wearing colourful dresses in front of pastel-coloured walls. A unique style for the time, Rosie rode the wave of the classic ‘Instagram look’ and attracted a number of brand partnerships as a result. The rapid capitalisation on this particular trend sparked a surge of interest in artistically arranged cuisine and bright settings.

The future of popular posts seems to have taken a different direction lately, as Taylor Lorenz’s article in The Atlantic discusses in depth. Today’s influencers are taking up a more authentic style of image, eschewing the traditionally successful pastel pink for grainy photos with noticeably less posing. Young influencers such as Reese Blustein and Jazzy Anne have been rapidly gaining likes and followers with their more minimalist style of content.

This development emphasises the importance of keeping up to date with the current trends and staying as creative as possible with your content, in order to keep your specific brand evolving with the times and as interesting as possible to your chosen market.

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