Best Of LMAOF: Jobs

By Comedy Editor

November 22, 2023

1 Minute Read

From lying on their resumes to being fired for lying on their resumes, LMAOF comedians Deanna Ortiz, Alec Flynn, Sohrab Forouzesh, and Chris Renois understand the hazards of locking down gainful employment. Whether you’re already unhappily employed or still on the job hunt, give LinkedIn a rest and enjoy The Best of LMAOF: Jobs.

Alec Flynn @bigalflynn

“Resume” from LMAOF 10

“Entrepreneur” can mean anything.

Alec Flynn is an L.A.-based comedian who is currently touring the world as Sam Tallent’s opening act. He’s the host of This Podcast Sucks, and runs the weekly Beers on the Beach live comedy show in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Alec’s is picking up steam thanks in part to his viral Don’t Tell comedy special. To see Alec’s longer and more premium sets, subscribe to his OnlyFans.

Deanna Ortiz @deannaortiz

“Porn Stars” from LMAOF 16

It’s a dirty job, but Deanna’s gotta do it.

Deanna Ortiz is a comedian, writer, and podcaster who the Chicago Reader named 2022’s Best Standup Comic. And she still finds time for her social media “day job”.

She is also the host of The Drunk Cooking Show on YouTube, as well as the award-winning Crushes podcast. If you’re looking to pass some time, play along with the “Hot Or Just Tall” game on her website, and subscribe to her OnlyFans for more hilarious comedy.

Sohrab Forouzesh @sohrabf

“Mushrooms at Work” from LMAOF 16

Sohrab is left eating the bag. 

After moving to the U.S. from Iran at age eight, Sohrab Forouzesh ultimately settled into Chicago’s comedy scene. Now he’s a standup, writer, and StandUP NBC finalist.

Sohrab isn’t shy about leaning on his experiences as “a fat Persian kid growing up in America” to bring his unique perspective to audiences. And when he’s not on tour, Sohrab is a regular at Laugh Factory, Comedy Bar, and Zanies.

Chris Renois @chrisrenois

“Lying on the Job” from LMAOF 4

“When you’re here, you’re waiting.”

Chris Renois is a Miami-based standup comedian, actor, and content creator who has built a massive following on social media. With 120,000 subscribers on TikTok alone, Chris’ Olive Garden days are ancient history.

A rising star of Florida’s comedy scene, Chris’ material has been featured on Right This Minute, Access Hollywood, and on StandUP NBC. But Chris saves his most exclusive comedy and spicy photos for his OnlyFans profile, so definitely go ahead and subscribe.

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