• Beauty creators of OnlyFans

Beauty creators of OnlyFans

It’s time for a glow up as OnlyFans creators are slaying the beauty space! The digital world has changed the cosmetics industry dramatically and the evolution of social media has provided beauty influencers with a place to thrive. Over the years, many makeup artists and beauty experts have amassed a following online through their artistic techniques and showstopping looks. And now they have headed to OnlyFans to connect with their fans, monetise their talents and showcase their most exclusive content. 

Sharing everything from glamorous before and after photos, to skincare tutorials and makeup reviews, creators on OnlyFans are utilising the features of the platform and providing their fans with an opportunity to interact with them. We spoke to a handful of these creators about their experiences. Read on to hear from the beauty creators of OnlyFans.

Verona Vanity - Beauty creators of OnlyFans

Verona Buzaku

TikTok sensation Verona is wowing her fans with her revolutionary makeup looks. She’s recreating the faces of well-known celebrities, from Einstein to Barbie, and is teaching her fans how to master them too. As a self-taught makeup artist, she’s figured out her own style and is sharing impressive hacks on the platform. Here’s what she said about being a beauty creator of OnlyFans:

“OnlyFans is the best new place to be as a makeup artist and post only makeup-related posts, [and] to be paid for the endless hours spent on makeup looks, which many people seem to be interested in watching [through my] makeup tutorials!”

Lady Jetlag - Beauty creators of OnlyFans

Lady Jetlag

The talented makeup artist Lady Jetlag is one of the many beauty creators of OnlyFans using the platform to really connect with her fanbase. Her subscribers have become part of her ‘beauty gang’ as she shares advice and lets them in on all things beauty and lifestyle. You can find everything from fabulous step-by-step tutorials to quick, fun makeup videos, as well as skincare tips you won’t want to miss. Here’s what she said about her experience on the platform:

“The best part of being a content creator [and] makeup artist on OnlyFans is being seen and people enjoying my work, and all I have to be is myself. That, to me, is the best part!”

BodyPosiStylist - Beauty creators of OnlyFans


BodyPosiStylist, also known as Alyssa, is a licensed cosmetologist and body positivity advocate. Alyssa is passionate about normalizing bodies, loving yourself and ensuring you are worthy and celebrated. She continues to thrive on OnlyFans and her advice and tutorials on hair care is something you won’t want to miss. Here’s what she said about her time on the platform: 

“My experience as a hairstylist and content creator on OnlyFans has been so much fun. I can combine my passion for hair with my passion for body positivity all on one platform, which I believe truly encompasses me as an individual more than any other social media platform I am on! I love that I can share my art with fans and also answer questions people have regarding their hair and offer consultations one-on-one. I post a lot of tutorials and it makes me so happy when someone messages me and says they tried the technique or learned something new. I’ve been able to connect with other stylists around the world as well, which is so amazing because as anyone in the industry knows, we are all a family!”

Ra'Iman - Beauty creators of OnlyFans

Ra’ Iman

Makeup artist Ra’ Iman is taking her fans on a voyage into her world of raw talent on OnlyFans. Showcasing editorial, abstract, and fresh-faced looks, she’s truly expressing her creativity on the platform. Her fans come away from her page glowing as she offers everything, from live makeup masterclasses to one-on-one consultations. We spoke to her about being a beauty creator of OnlyFans, and here’s what she said: 

“I love that OnlyFans is like being a part of a family. Coming in, everyone welcomed me as a budding abstract makeup artist. I feel no judgment whatsoever, and to me that is so beautiful.”

If you’re a beauty creator too and are looking to share your talents, check out this blog for a few ways you can use OnlyFans.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from the beauty creators of OnlyFans. Do you have any makeup tips of your own? Let us know in the comments! 

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