• August 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

August 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Variety is the spice of life, and we have plenty of emerging talent from different industries currently thriving on the platform! So, if you’re looking for some more amazing creators to subscribe to, then check out the August 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Bryce Hartley OnlyFans

Bryce Hartley

Bryce Hartley is a drag queen, designer, dancer and performing artist. With plenty of drag queen styles and fun dance moves to showcase, you can be sure to find dynamic performances, behind the scenes footage and sneak peeks, so check out Bryce Hartley’s OnlyFans page.

Speaking about using OnlyFans, Bryce said:

“OnlyFans. Is. Everything. Period. Joining this platform has been the best thing I’ve done. Not only is it amazing to be able to share more, but also being able to interact more with people and my fans has been stellar. As a performer, it feels like I’m giving a live performance for my own audience every time I post. It inspires me to create more and do more, and in such a limited time I can already feel the positive, loving community I’m building. I’m ecstatic about it, and can’t wait for what’s to come!”

Pretzl Cosplay OnlyFans

Pretzl Cosplay

Pretzl Cosplay is a page by cosplayer and designer Joyce, featuring costumes, tutorials and crafting content to help inspire fellow creators with the same interest. Learn sewing patterns and skills that will help you become the best cosplayer ever.

Discussing what it’s like to use OnlyFans as a cosplayer, Pretzl Cosplay said:

“Even though I’m still fairly new to the platform I already really like it! The website looks super clean and doesn’t have all the distracting bells and whistles that some other well known social media platforms have. I also love that OnlyFans shows all my posts to my followers. It doesn’t hide them because of some sort of crazy algorithm. The paid posts and tipping functionalities on OnlyFans also make it possible for me to earn some extra income, which I can put back into my cosplay crafting so I can keep making more cosplays, photoshoots and tutorials!”

Laura Ghiacy OnlyFans

Laura Ghiacy

If you find yourself needing to move more and are new to getting active, then Laura Ghiacy’s content will be sure to help you out. She’s a certified personal trainer, functional mobility specialist and postnatal fitness specialist. Laura believes that everyone and anyone should be entitled to fitness and she’s on OnlyFans to make workouts easy and accessible for all. Also, she speaks out against diet culture, so you won’t find weight loss tips on her page.

Speaking about using the platform, Laura Ghiacy said:

“I would say that, although I’m relatively new to OnlyFans, I love being able to share content that I [would] only share on OnlyFans, as well as creating a real community.”

Jiaoying Summers OnlyFans

Jiaoying Summers

Jiaoying Summers is a stand-up comedian, actress, producer, philanthropist and business owner. As a boss, she’s the CEO of her own fashion brand, titled the ‘JSummers Collection’, and the owner of The Hollywood Comedy and The Pasadena Comedy – comedy clubs located in Los Angeles, California. With many views on social media, Jiaoying Summers is known as ‘Funny Mom’, thanks to her ability to make her audience laugh. So, subscribe to her OnlyFans page to get your daily dose of laughter, funny videos, killer jokes and one-on-one authentic interaction.

Talking about using OnlyFans, Jiaoying Summers said:

“OnlyFans is such a supportive community with super positive vibes. I enjoy interacting with my fans very much, [and] the most unique thing about OnlyFans is that my fans’ feedback helps me grow as a comedian. I post jokes of the day and my fans often inspire me with very cool ideas to write better jokes.”

Noah Of The North OnlyFans

Noah Of The North

Noah Of The North is a gaming, TV and body positivity content creator. As a creator with many interests, Noah likes to showcase his many talents on social media, and he shares exclusive content on his OnlyFans page that you wouldn’t be able to view anywhere else.

Discussing his time on OnlyFans so far, Noah said:

“In the very short time that I’ve been on OnlyFans, it has impacted my life in the best ways possible! I can’t wait to wake up everyday to a handful of messages from my awesome community, filled with compliments, encouragement, and excitement for more content. The amount of engagement that OnlyFans provides is simply unmatched. This has given me a whole new outlook on content and has provided a completely new revenue stream. I’m excited to continue sharing my passions on this incredible platform.”

The Badass Healer OnlyFans

The Badass Healer

The Badass Healer is a dancer, yogi and wellness content creator. As a goddess, healer and instructor, she aims to help her fans connect with themselves in a healthy way through the power of wellness and embark on the journey of healing. On her page, she works with a variety of different students, so no matter what your background, you can be sure to learn how to be your best self.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a wellness creator, The Badass Healer said:

“Being a healer and yoga instructor during the pandemic is really challenging because people are scared to come to in-person training, so I decided to go online and [I] found OnlyFans. I had no idea it would bring more revenue and engagement from my students than any other platform I tried so far. I get to really customise the experience to the student the way I would in -person and that’s incredible to find online. I also get to share more of me, [and] my subscribers get an exclusive look at my daily life and can interact with me so easily. What a blessing to feel like you are free to create the content that you really want to create.”

Cooking With Classie OnlyFans

Cooking With Classie

Classie is a chef and foodie. With her creative culinary skills and her special ‘Classie Cocktails’, she shares step-by-step cooking videos on her OnlyFans page – featuring tasty and flavoursome food to satisfy your appetite. Her delicious ‘chicken wingz’ will certainly get your taste buds going!

Talking about her time on the platform so far, Classie says:

“My experience so far on OnlyFans has been great! All of my subscribers have been really welcoming and supportive. I have so much in store and I can’t wait to share more of my exclusive Cooking With Classie content with my fans!”

Cerissa Sustainable OnlyFans

Cerissa Sustainable

Cerissa is a sustainability advocate who lives a plant-based lifestyle. Thanks to the platform, she’s been able to share her top health tips and recipe videos exclusively on her page for her fans, as well as spreading positivity and motivating her subscribers to live a sustainable life.

Talking about using OnlyFans to bring awareness to the topic of sustainability, Cerissa said:

“My number one passion is being creative and being able to help others by expressing myself through my love for sustainability. OnlyFans has allowed me to do what I love while being able to monetize from that! This allows me more time to connect and create for my fans. There is no better feeling than being able to connect with my fans, continue to motivate them and share easy ways for eating a plant-based diet and living a sustainable life! I’m grateful for the many opportunities OnlyFans has opened up for me and allowing me to thrive.”

Who are your favourite August 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments!

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