• August 2020 Rising Stars

August 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Summer is drawing to a close, for those of us in the northern hemisphere at least! As creators start to focus on their content strategies for Autumn 2020 and beyond, let’s get inspired by some OnlyFans creators who have been killing it this month. Here are just some of the August 2020 Rising Stars on OnlyFans:

Tom Tippin

Nashville based Tom Tippin is a singer-songwriter and pilot. He joined OnlyFans in summer 2020 and his page has grown quickly thanks to his warm personality and unique blend of music, fitness and aviation content.

“I joined OnlyFans to share my crazy lifestyle through exclusive music, athletics, aviation, and so much more!”

Melissa Keklak

Did you know experts are offering consultations on OnlyFans? Melissa Keklak is a star in the music world, highly respected for her talents in branding and public relations. Now, emerging music professionals can gain the insights of Melissa’s years of experience by following her on OnlyFans for industry advice and one on one consultations.

“Game changer. OnlyFans has provided me a platform to personally connect and help/provide tools for independent music artists, producers and other managers. I am able to connect with so many fans in one place to give them advice on the industry and tips of the trade!”

Pierre Linckenheld

Pierre Linckenheld

Freeboarding in the summer, snowboarding in the winter! The summer may be almost over but you can enjoy Pierre Linckenheld’s incredible extreme sports content all year round. Check out his OnlyFans page to see Pierre’s skills for yourself, in beautiful Lausanne, Switzerland, and elsewhere.

“I’m a pro freeboarder and snowboarder making epic videos. I ride the streets on my freeboard and explore the best roads and spots everywhere I go!”

Karrigan Taylor August 2020 Rising Stars

Karrigan Taylor

Cosplayer Karrigan Taylor boats 1.7 million followers on TikTok, but head to her OnlyFans to interact with her and see her most exclusive cosplay content.

“Hi I’m Karrigan Taylor. I love using OnlyFans to express my creativity and love for cosplay. I love providing a fantasy world for my subscribers to escape to!”

Polina Grace

Singer-songwriter Polina Grace’s music is a foot-tapping blend of Dance, House and EDM. On the Montreal-based musician’s OnlyFans you can enjoy music you can’t find elsewhere, as well as modelling and photography content.

“I did not expect myself to fall in love with OnlyFans this quickly. I absolutely love the platform—it is easy to navigate and has allowed me to ongoingly connect with new and existing fans in an unrestricted, daring and exciting way! I will continue to use OF to share my most sensual photoshoots, exclusive performances, unreleased music and more!”

Watch this video to get to know Polina a little better:

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