Amanda Ribas: Outside the Cage

After more than seven years with the UFC, Amanda Ribas has been steadily climbing the UFC world rankings. Currently ranked eighth in both the UFC Women’s Strawweight and Flyweight divisions, Amanda is a deadly-serious competitor. But what is she like when the gloves are off?

In our exclusive interview, Amanda Ribas unveils the layers beyond her fighting career. Discover the happy-go-lucky chocolate lover behind the fierce competitor and get an authentic look at what makes her tick in Amanda Ribas: Outside the Cage.

Walk us through a typical fight day for you.

The day of the fight is like a party day because I’m feeling good. I always try to wake up and eat a lot of clean foods.

I don‘t eat the chocolates that I always put in my bag on fight day. I just smell them. (laughs)

And then I put on a good song. I do my training too, in the morning, because normally I fight at night and I go to the arena at like 6:00 PM.

Before that I have lunch, I pray, I talk with my mom, my dad, and my family. I also talk with my coach and my gym because I train here in my city and it’s a small gym.

So it’s like a family, everybody fights together and they’re like my brothers and sisters.

Do you have any pre-fight rituals or superstitions?

Before I do my warm up and training in the morning, I do my hair not too tight, just like normal hair. But when I go to the arena, I do my hair all tight.

And then I change my mentality like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. When I do this with my hair, it’s like “Yeah, it’s time.”

It’s crazy, but it works for me.

What does your post-fight recovery look like?

My recovery is just eating and hanging out with friends.

And then other times I want to be just with myself, to think about things. I am a crier. I cry a lot. So I like to be with myself and cry.

Afterwards, I can go be social and talk to people.

What’s one thing you never leave home without?

In my car there are candies and chocolates and all those things. But they’re not in my bag now.

What’s in your gym bag right now?

I’ll show you, because I already did my training 30 minutes before this interview, so there are a lot of things in it.

  • Water… I drink six liters per day. Yeah, it’s a lot.
  • Medicine… If I have cramps.
  • Cream… I like to smell good.
  • Glove cleaner… It smells good too.
  • Spare UFC tape

It’s funny, I’ve been in the UFC for years. But still when I see something that says “UFC” on it, my heart’s like “Ahhh!” So I put this tape inside my bag to remember that I am a UFC fighter. I like that.

  • Gloves
  • Sandals
  • Mouth protector… It’s shiny. I like to shine.

We can’t be in the dark, we need to shine all the time. So I it put it [on my mouth guard].

How would you describe your sense of style?

It depends on the day! My clothes are almost like my playlist.

There are days that I put on funk, and there are days that I put on some relaxed, acoustic songs.

What would you wear in the cage, if you could?

I think a black belt. I feel so powerful when I put on my gi.

And I think if I wore my black belt inside the cage, I would feel like, “Mm-Hmm. Yeah, I got it.” (laughs)

How about a piece of OF merch?

I love my white OnlyFans Logo Hoodie because it’s soft.

But I like the hat and tops too. They’re really good to train in.

What’s something surprising about you?

This might surprise people, because I always put waterfalls and beaches [in my posts], but I don’t like water.

Can you believe that?

I like the vibes, the climate. And I love to feel the water, but I don’t get in. It’s too cold!

What would you like to say to your fans on OnlyFans?

I just want to say, thank you for all the messages!

My fans are so receptive and so wonderful to me. And I love how people know me now. It’s crazy.

Also, I want to thank you for all the support. Because it makes me feel really good and really happy.

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