• Actors on OnlyFans: Top Tips and Tricks for Success

Actors on OnlyFans: Top Tips and Tricks for Success

Adding to the variety of creators we’re proud to have with us, a few actors on OnlyFans are ready to divulge their top tips and tricks for success on the platform. Each creator has their own way of interacting with their fans, and our features help to enable this.

There’s so much fierce competition for actors that it can be challenging to stand out. However, at OnlyFans, we’re so grateful to welcome all actors to our platform, where these criteria can be met. You can record yourself performing monologues and share all sides of your personality. You can make your content private, so only your best fans can see your exclusive and personal content. You can showcase your abilities and make the most out of your experience in many ways, such as using the ‘Go Live’ feature to connect with your fans or running polls to receive sincere feedback.

Here are a few actors on OnlyFans who are thrilled to provide some useful tips and tricks to help you thrive on the platform.

Eimanne OnlyFans


Eimanne is a Lebanese-American actor with a degree in Film Production and a variety of credits under her belt. From directing short films to appearing in TV series such as ‘Insecure,’ Eimanne is on an upward trajectory in her career. Here are her top tips and tricks for success:

“As an actor, OnlyFans has helped me connect with people on a much more personal and engaging level than any other platform. I think it’s a brilliant tool for any performer to use to reach more of their fans. I love using the home feed and [the] pay-per-view message system in conjunction together. So when I send exclusive behind the scenes photos and sneak peeks out to people in the DMs, I also post on my feed to give people a preview and to remind them that I’ve sent something special to check out! I also love posting personal video messages of encouragement and updating my fans about what’s going on in my day. I think they want to see that you’re a real person, not just some performer behind a screen! These short but thoughtful videos are another way to show off more of your personality and that’s what made the fans follow you in the first place.”

Daniel Newman OnlyFans

Daniel Newman

From musician to model to actor, Daniel Newman thrives in variety. Starring in 10 episodes of ‘The Walking Dead,’ and appearing in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Newman has been a part of some amazing projects and revels in his craft. He says:

“I love OnlyFans! It’s the new Netflix for social media creators! I saw Cardi B and now Michael B. Jordan joining and I started to learn about it. Now creators finally have a way to create the greatest entertainment with subscribers that support the content creation, and we’re able to have personal conversations with fans, and a powerful network to work with! I wish I had joined years ago!”

Perry Caravella OnlyFans

Perry Caravello

Star of the cult classic ‘Windy City Heat’ and ‘The Big 3 Podcast,’ Perry Caravello uses the platform to allow his fans to peek behind the curtain. Sharing funny outtakes from shoots to film reviews to topical discussions, Caravello fully utilises OnlyFans as an actor and to show all sides of his personality. Sharing his thoughts and advice, he says:

“Don’t be afraid to fully embrace OnlyFans as the number one platform to connect with your fanbase. Unlike other platforms, fans can choose to reward you for posting exceptional content. OnlyFans is the only platform that gives you various options on how you can connect to your fans. You’re in direct control of what content to monetize, from videos, photos, or direct messages. Customization is key, and OnlyFans allows you to post content on a set schedule, or spontaneously. Fans love it when you can connect to them on a personal level. Not just in a video posted to social media for the world to see, but special messages curated specifically for your core fanbase. OnlyFans provides a mutual connection between artists and their audience. Rewarding your fans by communicating honestly and directly will instantly lead to financial rewards and audience growth.”

Julian Shaw OnlyFans

Julian Shaw

Julian Shaw is making waves as an actor, writer and director. He is currently directing a documentary, and he has appeared in the blockbuster ‘San Andreas.’ While working on his upcoming projects, Julian Shaw loves using OnlyFans! He uses the platform to promote fitness and mental wellness and to share tips on how to be a successful content creator. Talking about using OnlyFans as an actor, he said:

“Your fans know you as a storyteller, so use OnlyFans to expand how you tell your stories! I am releasing a thriller short film in three parts through OnlyFans. My advice is to set up and tease the story on the main page with images and fifteen second clips, then pay it off in the DMs by delivering the full film as a locked message! Make sure to end with a cliffhanger if your content is serialized.”

Noel G OnlyFans

Noel G

Noel G is a Hollywood actor and producer who’s starred in some of the biggest films, such as ‘The Fast and The Furious,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Training Day’ and ‘Street Kings.’ Best of all, we were so thrilled to welcome him to OnlyFans recently! Noel G has an incredible acting career, and he has a message for all actors starting out:

“The only way you can fail in life is if you quit in life, so if ya never quit, you’re never gonna fail! Took me 8 years to get my first movie so this was no walk in the park, ya just keep fighting, keep pushing, and never ever give up! Be strategic in your moves and use wisdom! YOU CAN DO IT!”

Scarlett Wilson OnlyFans

Scarlett Wilson

Scarlett Wilson is a Bollywood actress and model, best known for films such as ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ and ‘Theeran Adhigaram Ondru.’ With her mother being a dancer, the acting bug caught Scarlett Wilson from an early age and never let go! She loves to use the platform to embrace her fans and help influence her acting performances. Talking about using OnlyFans to showcase her acting talents, she said:

“OnlyFans has been a wonderful platform to interact with others on a more personal level, share my work, behind-the-scenes footage and interact with so many from all different walks of life, which actually help me a lot with my own character building in acting. The poll feature has been a great tool when needing advice for a photo/video for an audition – it feels great to get people involved and have a fresh set of eyes on it. To be able to schedule a post in advance has been a lifesaver for me when I’m caught up with an audition or job, [and my] fans can still feel connected everyday.”

Rosette Luve OnlyFans

Rosette Luve 

Rosette Luve is the definition of a multifaceted creative! She’s a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Known for songs such as ‘Amnesia,’ and her acting role in the TV series ‘Psych,’ she has so much variety in her projects. Rosette is constantly challenging herself to raise the bar, and one of the ways she does that is by connecting with her best fans. Sharing her top tips and tricks for utilising the platform, she says:

“Take advantage of all this platform as to offer. As an actor you can get creative with your fans by offering one-on-one, live group interactions/sessions. [You can even do] scenes together and running sides. It’s a great way to better your craft and get more comfortable in front of camera.”

DeStorm Power OnlyFans

DeStorm Power 

Appearing in ‘Sharknado 4,’ ‘VHS Viral,’ and the TV series ‘Punk’d,’ DeStorm Power is a fantastic example of an actor and artist making the most of his online space. Also, he uses social media to showcase a different side of himself. His awesome original songs like ‘King Kong’ can be found on his Spotify, while he uses YouTube to show more of his upcoming projects, with teasers and clips. As for OnlyFans, DeStorm uses the platform to post exclusive pictures and videos, and to connect with his truest fans. He says:

“The entertainment business is about balance. Finding the proper social platforms to post specific content is very important. It can make or break your momentum so each and every platform plays an equally important role. I’m personally not known for posting many personal pictures on my [Instagram] so I use OnlyFans for that.”

Are you an actor on OnlyFans? Can you think of other ways for actors to utilise OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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