• Gamer's Christmas

A Gamer’s Christmas

The festive season is an exciting time for gamers across the globe, as the big-name titles clamour for release dates and Christmas deals are offered in shops and online. It’s the perfect opportunity for budding gamers on OnlyFans to get creative with their holiday content to truly catch the eye of their subscribers.

What’s on the List?

Christmas usually means one thing for gaming retailers, a wave of blockbuster titles swarming onto the shelves and jostling with their competitors for the attentions of customers. However, this year appears to be a relatively quiet period in comparison to previous years, the main attractions this year being regulars such as FIFA 20 and the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Ubisoft have just one AAA title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, to bring to the table. With no Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto in the mix, the games on the Christmas market may not be the usual titles we’ve grown accustomed to seeing.

What may first appear to be a disappointment for creators looking to excite fans with well-known releases may prove to be a chance to stream a independent releases and hunt down some interesting titles that have gone under the radar. Another exciting prospect this year is a potential opening for brand new consoles to cement their place in the industry, specifically the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is set to receive plenty of attention as well as established third-party releases such as The Witcher 3. As this new competitor emerges, golden opportunities may arise for creators to establish a foothold in a new market.

Keeping your content lively

Steam, the digital distribution company, is renowned as one of the first ports of call for PC gamers looking to expand their repertoire of indie games. With numerous seasonal bundles and featured releases, browsing the special offers and deals over the festive period may prove a boon to gamers looking to keep their content distinctive and enjoyable.

Steam is an excellent source for new titles in a plethora of genres, keeping abreast of the Most Recent and Top Sellers lists is a good method to discovering alternative options to your seasonal streaming, whilst keeping your content exciting. For example, a game like Football Manager may appeal to a similar audience to FIFA 20, whilst offering quite a different streaming experience to subscribers.

Sticking to the beaten path

Of course, not everyone will want to forgo the most popular games to stream over Christmas. There will be a huge audience for the likes of Fortnite and League of Legends, two of the top 3 most-watched games on Twitch. Creators would be wise to capitalise on this demand, but it may be difficult to find your feet on such hotly contested ground.

Fortunately, the developers of these titles are often hard at work revamping their games and creating new events over the course of the year. Fortnite will be hosting a series of WinterFest challenges for the festive season, as well as a set of unique rewards for completing them. Capitalising on the constant updates and putting your own creative stamp on your streams may prove to be invaluable in generating interest in your channel.

At such a hectic time of year for the gaming industry, don’t be afraid to take the time to plan out your calendar. Whether you’re showcasing Christmas releases or experimenting with a brand new indie game, it’s the perfect season to get creative with your content.

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