Eight Accounts You Never Expected To See On OnlyFans

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March 26, 2022

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If you’re reading this, you probably know more about what OnlyFans has to offer than the average person. You already know that OnlyFans is a social media platform that lets all kinds of creators– from fitness buffs to makeup artists, to models and actors– choose how to monetize their work and grow their online followings. You might even be an OnlyFans creator yourself, which is awesome. But no matter how much you think you know about the types of great stuff you can find on OnlyFans, you’re to be surprised by something on this list. Here are eight accounts you never expected to see on OnlyFans:

#8 Olivia Knight @chesswitholivia

There are plenty of gamers who use OnlyFans to stream the latest AAA titles to their subscribers. But Olivia Knight isn’t using her free OnlyFans account to stream Fortnite, League of Legends, or Minecraft. Her game? Good, old-fashioned chess.

Every week, hundreds of her fans tune in to watch her compete against other enthusiasts and solve challenging chess puzzles, all while learning some clever strategies of their own. Want to know what “Bouncing”, “Flamingo”, or “Fateful Alignment” mean? Olivia’s got you. With her down-to-Earth attitude and great sense of humor, Olivia makes learning such a stuffy old game feel fun and fresh.

#7 Librerías Gandhi @gandhifans

Speaking of high-brow accounts you never expected to see on OnlyFans, grab a hot cup of tea and head over to Mexican bookstore Liberías Gandhi’s OnlyFans. This chain of booksellers uses their free spanish-language OnlyFans to show people the fun and flirty side of the written word.

Their account is chock full of memes, book recommendations, and some beautifully-produced video shorts that will change the way you look at books forever. And for non-Spanish speakers, it’s a fun excuse to brush up on your español. No matter what you’re into, Liberías Gandhi is there to fulfill your textual fantasies.

#6 Wingstop @wingstoponlyfans

That’s right, everyone’s favorite chicken wing brand teamed up with OnlyFans to get the word out about their new “thiccc and juicy thighs”. There’s no surprise that Wingstop’s mouth-watering OnlyFans is saucy and spicy. Talk about next-level thirst traps.

You can’t help but get a bit hungry when you drop by to check out the exclusive content from their #OnlyWingstop Creators. We’re talking about ASMR videos, comedy sketches, and more chicken pics than you can handle. We promise you’ll leave wanting to dip everything in ranch.

#5 OnlyFungi @onlyfungi

Once you’ve filled up on Wingstop, you’ll want to balance your system out with some vegetables. We suggest popping over to OnlyFungi– one of the most delightful and creative accounts we’ve ever seen on OnlyFans!

There’s nothing we can say here that can truly prepare you for the beautiful and hilarious world of OnlyFungi. California-based mushroom expert Gordon will teach you which mushrooms are safe to cook (and how to cook them), which are absolutely spectacular to look at, and which make the funniest sounds when you smack them. It’s easy to spend hours scrolling through all the photo sets and videos on OnlyFungi. Go check it out!

#4 Daisy May @doitwithdaisy

Everyone loves dogs, especially well-behaved ones. So everyone should head over to dog training guru Daisy May’s OnlyFans account. She’s got more adorable dog content than you can shake a stick at. And if you’re lucky, she’ll show you how to get your pooch to bring the stick back.

Daisy’s OnlyFans is full of dog-training tips, crafting how-tos, and tons of photos and videos of her adventures with Waffles, her four-legged co-host. If you’re anything like us and can’t get enough of Daisy and Waffles, you’re in luck. Daisy’s OFTV show, DoItWithDaisy, offers even more in-depth training for dog owners. It’s a very helpful OnlyFans account.

#3 Crystal Uribe @ivqueen

When we say that OnlyFans has something for everyone, we really mean it. And Crystal Uribe (aka the IV Queen) is proof. This nurse practitioner’s paid OnlyFans account is a serious educational resource for people working in the medical field.

With 25,000 IV sticks under her belt, Crystal’s got a passion for helping nursing professionals achieve IV expert status. What that entails exactly is a bit beyond our depth (we’re just a social media platform, after all). But we’re glad Crystal’s on OnlyFans to make our next visit to the doctor a little less painful.

#2 Vienna Tourist Board @viennatouristboard

OnlyFans has a reputation for being more censorship-averse than most of our larger counterparts. That’s why we were thrilled to team up with the Vienna Tourist Board to showcase some of Austria’s most beautiful artwork considered too “explicit” by other social media platforms.

With the goal of sparking a global discussion about art censorship, the Vienna Tourist Board’s partnership with OnlyFans allows art fans from across the globe to appreciate selections from four major Austrian museums– Leopold MuseumKunsthistorisches MuseumAlbertina Museum, and Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna.

Though the Vienna Tourist Board’s “experiment” with us officially came to an end in November 2021, they have left their OnlyFans account up and free to access. Take a peek! It’s worth it.

#1 Burps Magoo @burpsmagoo

The number one slot on this list goes to none other than comedian Christina Walkinshaw (aka Burps Magoo). And before you ask, yes her entire OnlyFans account is dedicated to her glorious belches. You just have to see it to believe it.

Are there other accounts out there that you never expected to see on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments below!