Five Ways To Promote Your OnlyFans Account

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By Alex

August 19, 2022

4 Minute Read

So, you’ve just started an OnlyFans account and you’re looking to attract new subscribers and build your fanbase. Maybe you’re an experienced OnlyFans creator looking for tips on how to take your profile to the next level. Wherever you are on your content creation journey, here are five ways to promote your OnlyFans account.

Social Media

Cross-promoting your OnlyFans account across your social media channels is a great place to begin. If you’ve built up a loyal following on social media, your fans will be interested to learn you’re on OnlyFans as well! Post your link to your page or add it in your bio to give your fans the heads up.

By connecting your Twitter account with your OnlyFans profile (Settings > Account), you’ll have the option to generate a “sneak preview” post for Twitter when you post something new to OnlyFans. Simply click ‘Compose new post’ and select the Twitter icon! This is a great way to let your Twitter followers know they have to subscribe to your OnlyFans to see the full post!

Even better, you can earn a coveted “verified checkmark” next to your name on OnlyFans when you integrate your Twitter account. Who doesn’t want to be verified?

Forums And Discussion Sites

Social media channels are far from the only option when it comes to promoting your OnlyFans account! Many creators have found success by promoting their accounts on forums or discussion sites like Reddit. Forums tend to be categorized by interest, allowing you to hone in on the exact niche that fits your content. It’s a great way to find new followers to turn into dedicated fans, as opposed to more broad social media platforms. Just remember to read the forum rules. Some of these online spaces have limitations on self-promotion.

Personal Sites, Blogs, And Newsletters

If you have a personal website or blog, make sure to drop your OnlyFans link there too! Many creators tend to use their OnlyFans like a fan club for the dedicated followers (or superfans) who want access to exclusive content and opportunities to engage with their favorite creators.

Though we often think of newsletters as things of the past, data shows that direct email marketing frequently outperforms many other marketing tools! Email can be very engaging and personal, and people who subscribe to your newsletter are just as likely (if not more) to subscribe to your OnlyFans as those who follow your social channels.

Bottom line: if you have a newsletter or a mailing list, use it to plug your OnlyFans! And if you don’t have a newsletter, maybe it’s time to think about starting one!


Collaborating with another OnlyFans creator is an excellent way to grow both of your accounts! You can collaborate by creating posts and videos together, or even set-up a co-stream.

When you work with someone who makes content that’s similar to yours, chances are that their fans will like your content too. Or collaborate with someone with wildly different content and introduce yourself to a whole new audience. Collaboration is fun, and is often a win-win for everyone involved!

Promotional Discounts On Subscriptions

Everyone loves feeling like they’ve gotten a great deal. There’s a reason coupons have been around forever! When it comes to OnlyFans, promotional discounts are a great way to attract new subscribers, retain your fanbase, make money, and succeed!

So why not try offering promotional discounts on OnlyFans? You can choose to target potential subscribers, or fans who have let their subscriptions expire. Discounts range between 5% and 100% and usually run for 30 days. A simple discount may be all a potential fan needs to subscribe for the first time!

Can you think of any other ways to promote your OnlyFans account? Let us know in the comments!