• 5 ways to keep your influence growing

5 Ways to Keep Your Influence Growing

If you’re an OnlyFans creator with a solid number of subscribers, it can be all too easy to rest on your laurels. Establishing a broad range of customers and capitalising on your growing popularity can make all the difference in taking your profile to the next level. Here are five tips to keep your influence growing and make the most out of your OnlyFans experience.

1. Get Creative With Your Ideas

If you have accrued a significant amount of followers across various social media platforms, there’s no doubt that your content is already engaging. However, keeping things fresh and unique can help retain interest and keep subscriptions climbing. Branching out into other sectors can increase the variety of followers that may take a liking to your content, as well as providing a refreshing change for your current fans.

For example, if your profile is centred on glamour modelling you may find that adding a fitness or nutritional theme to your content may help you tap into an entirely new area of subscribers. The opportunities for collaboration with other creators may become much more numerous as you broaden your horizons, keeping your profile attractive to fans. Discovering new fields for content creation can be an enjoyable and rewarding endeavour, by taking that first step you can open up all sorts of possibilities.

2. Engage With Your Fans

Cultivating a reputation as a responsive creator is a sure-fire method to achieving lasting success on OnlyFans, encouraging fans to subscribe to your profile and keeping the engagement levels high. It may be difficult at first to respond to each-and-every DM that appears in your inbox, especially once you start amassing followers, but setting a routine and steadily responding to your fans queries diligently can set you apart from your peers.

You can also make viewing your profile interactive and fun for your subscribers by allowing them to play a part in the process. By using polls to allow them to cast votes for the types of content they’d like to see, or perhaps running competitions for exclusive content, you can keep your audience engaged.

3. Keep the Content Coming Regularly

There’s nothing worse for fans of creators who feel as though they are patiently waiting week-in-week-out for new content to be posted. That’s why it’s essential to stay active and post consistently, even though you may be struggling to get into your rhythm at certain points. Everyone is capable of feeling a lack of motivation and it’s important not to make yourself feel bad about it. Establishing a routine that you can stick to and brainstorming ideas for regular content and PPVs can help your productivity enormously. It can be a good idea to make use of the post scheduling feature to have content going out automatically for times when you’re on holiday or would just like a break. You could also try keeping your profile free to view, saving your most engaging content for paid posts or pay-per-view messages.

4. Stay Social on All of Your Platforms

The best way to maximise your influence on social media, especially once you start an OnlyFans account, is to use all of your social media platforms in tandem. The big three, comprised of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, can be invaluable assets in building your follower base and directing traffic to your OnlyFans account. It may also be a good idea to set up a website that can display your brand and content in a professional manner, offer a little personal information about yourself and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Doing some research and discovering what platforms your audience is most active on can pay dividends in the future, widening the net for potential subscribers.

5. Keep up to Date With New Trends

As we get well underway into a new year and new decade, there will no doubt be many changes occurring rapidly in all areas of content creation. Staying ahead of the curve can be a challenge, especially when you also have to keep your existing fan base happy. Take the time out of your day to peruse the latest trends on social media, discover what creators are putting their time into and pay attention to the most popular content amongst fans. With a little effort and consistency, you can improve your knowledge and keep your influence growing.

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