• 5 OnlyFans Rising Stars

5 OnlyFans Rising Stars

Even as the world remains locked down, many OnlyFans creators are using the extra time at home to take their accounts to the next level. And it’s wonderful to see their efforts paying off!  Here are five OnlyFans rising stars who are sparkling right now:

Paris Chanel

Paris Chanel is a Memphis based influencer, blogger, and the CEO of a talent agency. She’s taken the same social media savvy and work ethic that has helped her become successful in these areas and applied it to OnlyFans.

The platform has been fun. I’m a glamour model and want my fans to be able to enjoy genuine content from me. I want to be able to make money to fund my modelling career, travel for work, and start new business ventures. I know OnlyFans can and will be a great life changer for myself and many others.

DJ Tati Mia

With over 6 years of DJing experience, DJ Tati Mia’s career has taken off these last few years. She made her SXSW debut in 2016 and since then has toured to Miami, Chicago, New York and more, as well as making her London radio debut. Since the global coronavirus pandemic, she has been using OnlyFans to perform live DJ sets for her subscribers.

OnlyFans Rising Stars Lexi Kai

Lexi Kai

Lexi Kai is a 24-year-old fashion and fitness influencer.

I find that OnlyFans is a great way to share everything that you have learned with others. I love that I can create content on such a great platform and share all of my tips and tricks with others, especially during this pandemic! I offer a fun and entertaining page that many people enjoy.

Subscribers can expect personal chatting, behind the scenes of photoshoots, as well as personal stories. I will be incorporating fitness routines as well so that my fans can work out with me and get tips.

Kristina Guberman

Kristina is a model and an international TV presenter. Her strong brand, impressive work ethic, and the intelligent and interactive way she runs her OnlyFans page have allowed it to grow quickly:

I’ve been using OnlyFans for a few months and have loved every moment of the experience so far! The platform allows me to connect with my fans on a personal level and I enjoy spending time every day posting exclusive content. I try not to take myself too seriously and subscribers will find videos of me being totally silly whilst baking or dancing in my living room like no one’s watching as well as more glamorous photoshoots and videos. I genuinely love interacting with all my subscribers and creating personalised content for each of them, and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Ivy Tenebrae 

Cosplayer Ivy Tenebrae combines years of experience modelling with impressive skills making props and costumes to create truly unique content. She’s run numerous lockdown sales and charitable fundraisers in recent months, which has allowed her account to grow even further.

Watch our video interview with Ivy Tenebrae:

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