5 OnlyFans Creators To Be Inspired By This January

It’s already shaping up to be a fantastic year on OnlyFans, with so many creators thriving it’s a great time to kick off 2022 by highlighting some of our creators who are starting this year with a bang. From musicians to actresses and comedians to wrestling coaches, there’s so much inspiration to take from these talented content creators. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, or a fellow creator wanting to step up your exclusive content in 2022, these creators have got you covered! On OnlyFans, there’s something for everyone as well as a huge array of talent to inspire new and existing creators alike. Here are 5 OnlyFans creators to be inspired by this January.

Sadie Gibbs

Sadie Gibbs

Sadie Gibbs is a professional wrestler, gymnast, bodybuilder, and holistic coach. Sadie adores connecting with her fans on a more personal level, providing them with exclusive vlogs, in-depth workout tutorials, and expert coaching. Her mission is to live life undefined and inspire her fans to become the best version of themselves. So check out her page and become a part of her growing community filled with like-minded individuals.

Discussing her experience on OnlyFans, Sadie Gibbs says:

“Since being on only fans its brought back my creative spark it’s given me a platform where I can not only entertain & do various shoots, I’m also able to share and Vlog my life experiences for my fans; Only fans really has given me a platform that allows me to broaden my creativity! You aren’t defined by who you think you are, your defined by who you want to be.”



Artist and producer Nevrmind is an Emmy nominated music sensation. With top-tier hits such as ‘Say My Name,’ ‘Girls Like You’ and ‘Addicted to You,’ he has a true passion for his creative process – and he wants to share it with his top fans. Check out his OnlyFans page to see behind-the-scenes content of him in the studio, get early access to his new music, and attend exclusive live concerts. Speaking about how using OnlyFans has provided new ways to distribute his music and brought him closer to his fanbase, Nevrmind says:

“Using OnlyFans has been a gateway to really feel connected to my fans. I had the opportunity to successfully premiere a song on my OnlyFans before I released it to the rest of the world and had such an awesome response.”

Mara Marini

Mara Marini

Actress, model, and fitness enthusiast Mara Marini loves using OnlyFans to keep her loyal fanbase up to date with her star-studded life! This includes all her fun adventures, unseen photoshoots, her ‘Hollywood’ fitness regime, healthy recipes, and live Q&A sessions! Mara Marini is a Canadian actress, known for notably playing Brandi Maxxxx in ‘Parks and Recreation,’ Justine St. Pierre in Netflix’s ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ and ‘Phat Shawn’ in ‘Black-ish.’ With so much energy and passion for content, why not check out her must-see OnlyFans page?

Speaking about her love for OnlyFans, Mara Marini said:

“I love OnlyFans because it allows me to have a connection with my fans that I wouldn’t be able to safely facilitate on any other platform. I can share more of my life – workouts, meal prep, audition process, a day in the life, lives, etc – and I can get direct feedback as to what my fans would like to see more of. It has been an incredible journey so far!”

Jiaoying Summers

Comedian Jiaoying Summers is a multi-talented star. Her resume speaks for itself, with Jiaoying also being credited as a producer, actress, and even a successful business owner in charge of the thriving California venues ‘The Hollywood Comedy’ and ‘The Pasadena Comedy’. As an actress, she’s appeared in productions such as ‘American Bistro’ and ‘Major Crimes’ to name just a few. Jiaoying Summers has also produced projects such as ‘The Scarlet Thorn’ and ‘The Like Challenge’. With so many strings in her bow, it’s easy to see why so many people subscribe to her OnlyFans page for their daily dose of humor, joy, and to get to know her 1-on-1.

Sharing her positive thoughts on using OnlyFans, Jiaoying Summers says:

“OnlyFans is such a rare supportive platform, it gives me more courage to write jokes that’s more impactful. As a comedian I really appreciate and benefit from such a supportive platform, it’s gives me more freedom to be me, and being authentic, being me is the key to writing better jokes.”

Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods

Fitness advocate, model, and influencer extraordinaire Jordyn Woods has made her stamp on OnlyFans. As an actress and singer, she has starred in ‘Life of Kylie,’ stunned the panel on ‘The Masked Singer’, and appeared regularly on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ Using OnlyFans enables her to monetize her ever-growing influence, as well as share her authentic self with her awesome fanbase in a way she can’t on other platforms. OnlyFans gives Jordyn Woods total creative freedom, letting her take control of what she posts, when she posts, and how she monetizes her incredible content!

Highlighting what she loves about OnlyFans and its features, Jordyn Woods says:

“What I love about OnlyFans is how it’s helped me connect in a way that I can’t always do on other platforms. Being able to go live, chat, and share content with my fans is something i’ve had so much fun doing! I can’t wait to share what I have in store for 2022!”

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