5 OnlyFans Creators To Be Inspired By This February

We love seeing influencers of all sizes sign up to OnlyFans and thrive on our platform. As we consistently add new features, such as bookmarks and quizzes, there is an ever-growing range of ways we enable you to monetize your content and reach your full potential. With awesome genres ranging from fashion to cosplayers, and fitness to musicians, there’s a place for everyone here; And we’re proud to highlight some creators that embrace their niche and use our tools to connect with their fans. Let’s take a look at 5 OnlyFans creators to be inspired by this February.

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Brooke Sands

Brooke is a model, fashion expert, and fitness enthusiast. She embraces her Southern routes and celebrates her culture, being just as comfortable outside in the mud and nature as she is showcasing her fashion on a girl’s night out.

Speaking about what she loves about OnlyFans, Brooke says: 

“For me, the most important aspect of social media is connecting with my people. Unlike other platforms that have crazy algorithms that become barriers, OnlyFans eliminates them and actually allows my content to be seen by those who choose to follow me! OnlyFans allows my content to be seen by EVERYONE that follows me, not just a small percentage. It has given me a platform to connect with them on a more personal level. I love that OnlyFans supports creators and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, with different interests. It’s truly in a league of its own. No other platform can compete.”

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Pretzl Cosplay

If you like cosplay, you simply have to check out Pretzl Cosplay’s page on OnlyFans! She loves making costumes and sharing her crafting tutorials, sewing patterns, and more. Pretzl wants to help other cosplayers create awesome bespoke costumes for themselves and embrace the lifestyle.

Here’s what she has to say about her content and our platform: 

“I’m Pretzl Cosplay, a cosplayer from the Netherlands who loves to create detailed costumes and help other cosplayers with crafting patterns and tutorials. What I like about OnlyFans is that it is a platform on which I can both share my work with the world and at the same time earn some income with paid content. Another thing that’s really cool is that the news feed on the platform is chronological, which means that my followers won’t miss my posts! I love that 😀

OnlyFans is also very welcoming to all kinds of creators, so no matter what content you make, you can hop on there too and start a page.”

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Angelique Njoff

IFBB fitness model Angelique is at the top of her game. She has a true passion for fitness and body positivity. Ange enjoys taking her fans along on her life journey, with photoshoots and workout tips & tricks. If you want to get in the best shape of you’re life, this is a creator who’s content you don’t want to miss out on!

Discussing her content and her passion for fitness, Angelique says: 

“I love lifting weights in the gym, while remaining feminine and sexy during my photoshoots! Sharing my passion for fitness and experience with my followers on OnlyFans is my priority!”

Rebecca Vocal Athlete blog imagery

Rebecca Vocal Athlete

Singer, song writer, vocal coach, and poetry lover Rebecca can do it all, and she’s here on OnlyFans living her best life! Rebecca really enjoys sharing a whole host of exclusive content, including her acoustic covers, vocal coaching, impressions, modeling shots, and loves encouraging her followers to be their authentic selves at all times. OnlyFans is where she prioritises her fans, responding to DMs and chatting for hours on end with them unlike on any other platform.

Talking about why she chose to join OnlyFans, Rebecca says:

“I joined OF as a lot of my followers were asking me to go on there as another great way to engage with my fans. My favourite part of the platform is the many ways that you can communicate with your fans. Engagement is key. It is very fun! OnlyFans has also given me freedom to pursue other projects that are of interest that I wasn’t doing before.

I do lots of exclusive content, including pics, videos, singing, comedy, coaching, self improvement, fitness etc.”


When it comes to sharing their passion with the world, Will is an awesome example. He’s been shredding the streets skateboarding for 16 years and uses OnlyFans to teach others how to skate. Will also loves to share his own 4-wheeled journey, giving an inside look at how he learns new and exciting tricks. Whether he lands them or not, you get to see it all on his page… As it’s all about how you pick yourself back up and persevere!

Speaking about what makes OnlyFans special, Will says:

“I never really thought that I would make money from Skateboarding and now that I am I want to continue pursuing my dream

The best part of OnlyFans is getting in touch with people I wouldn’t have talked to otherwise and being able to interact with people all over the world.”

Which OnlyFans creators inspire you? Let us know in the comments below!

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