5 Life Lessons from OFTV’s Rise & Grind

By OFTV Editor

December 20, 2023

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OFTV’s athlete spotlight series Rise & Grind gives fans a window into all the preparation a top athlete must endure to perform at the height of their game. Athletes like Cris Cyborg, Michael “Venom” Page, Luke Rockhold, Josh Herrin, and Renee Gracie constantly push their minds and bodies to the limit in the name of greatness. We’ve made a list of five life lessons from OFTV’s Rise & Grind, from the athletes themselves, that you can put into practice right away.

#1: Fight like a woman.

Cris Cyborg @criscyborg

Episode 1 | Watch on OFTV

Cris Cyborg is arguably the best MMA fighter of all time. She’s the first athlete to win the Bellator MMA, UFC, Invicta FC, and Strikeforce Featherweight World Championships, aka the first grand slam champion in the history of MMA.

Simply put: Cris Cyborg is a proven winner who has used a combination of hard work, natural ability, and an unwavering belief in herself.

While preparing to enter the boxing ring on the debut episode of Rise & Grind, Cris explains that when she started fighting, there weren’t a whole lot of people in her corner. She had to believe in herself and block out the naysayers. And it was that belief in her abilities that propelled her to the top of the fighting world.

Cris recognizes that her unflappable confidence is a gift, and one that she would like to pass down to younger generations. Cris wants all women interested in combat sports to know that they can do anything.

#2: Be unforgettable.

Michael Page @michaelvenompage

Episode 2 | Watch on OFTV

When you’re a ten-time world kickboxing champion, people tend to pay attention to what you’re doing in and out of the ring. And Michael “Venom” Page (or MVP for short) is happy to share his unique style with the world.

MVP’s fighting style is unlike any other fighter in MMA, constantly moving his body in unorthodox ways to keep himself relaxed and his opponents on edge.

He’ll even literally start dancing mid-fight while he plots his next strategic move.

The second episode of Rise & Grind focuses on MVP, his fighting career, and what makes him one of the most dynamic characters in all of professional sports. It’s clear that MVP has spent years crafting both his persona and his skills.

MVP’s commitment to excellence and uniqueness is what makes him unforgettable.

#3: Put yourself to the test.

Luke Rockhold @lukerockhold

Episode 3 | Watch on OFTV

Luke Rockhold is a man forged in fire. One of the toughest in all of combat sports, the two-time UFC middleweight champ has made a career out of pushing himself to the limit.

Rarely satisfied with staying still, Luke welcomed a brand new challenge when he recently left the MMA world to dive headfirst into bare-knuckle boxing.

Episode three of Rise & Grind picks up on Luke as he prepares for his BKFC fight against Mike Perry. Luke not only has to train himself for a fighting style wholly unfamiliar to him, but he also has to cut a ton of weight for the fight.

The physical and mental toll this kind of training takes on Luke is obvious, but that kind of sacrifice has become his calling card over his 16-year professional career. Luke credits his longevity in combat sports to his ability to constantly seek out new ways to test himself.

It’s his willingness to embrace seemingly impossible challenges that will keep him relevant for years to come.

#4: Never give up.

Josh Herrin @joshherrin

Episode 4 | Watch on OFTV

MotoAmerica’s Josh Herrin has been racing motorcycles professionally for more than 16 years. And in that time, he’s seen his fair share of ups and downs.

From surviving bone-breaking crashes to heartbreaking losses, Josh’s strong mental fortitude has kept him coming back to the track to race another day. And his results speak for themselves.

Since his early days racing head-to-head with seasoned veterans, Josh has never lost his ability to persevere when faced with challenges. In many ways, Josh Herrin perfectly embodies the spirit of Rise & Grind

Episode four of Rise & Grind follows Josh as he prepares for a weekend of racing at Laguna Seca. Hampered after a major crash the previous week, Josh guts it out for some admirable podium finishes despite his injury.

A true racer’s racer, quitting just isn’t in Josh Herrin’s DNA.

#5: Harness your passion.

Renee Gracie @reneegracie

Episode 5 | Watch on OFTV

Renee Gracie has one of the most interesting stories in the history of motorsports. A race car driver who left the sport for a successful career in adult entertainment, Renee’s now back on track and proving she can be at the top of the game in both pursuits.

Renee has never cared for what other people have had to say about her or her choices. Some of that comes with being a woman in a male-dominated sport and some of that has to do with her adult content career.

In episode five, Renee invites the Rise & Grind crew into the pit, offering a behind-the-scenes look as she prepares for her homecoming race at Australia’s Queensland Raceway. The stakes couldn’t be higher for this race, given the tremendous pressure she faces to perform after years away.

Before, Renee may have let her critics throw her off her game. Now she’s a little older, a lot wiser, and knows exactly who she’s racing for– herself.

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