• 10 things to do when you sign up to OnlyFans

10 Things to Do When You Sign Up to OnlyFans

So you’ve created an OnlyFans account, what now? We’ve looked at the strategies of top creators to put together this list of 10 things to do when you sign up to OnlyFans. All of these tips have a proven track record of paving the way to success, but not all of them may suit your content or your personality. Read on, take inspiration, trust your instincts and craft an OnlyFans strategy that works for you!

1. Set the right subscription price

A reasonable price is probably between $9.99 and $15.99 depending on your content and posting schedule. The price needs to be high enough that the fan feels they are purchasing a quality product, but low enough that they will be willing to spend more in PPVs or tips without feeling shortchanged.

2. Promote your OnlyFans link online

The usual suspects, Twitter Instagram and Facebook, work well of course, but feel free to get creative. People have found success sharing their links on Reddit, TikTok, or their official websites. Or, you can make a custom URL so your OnlyFans link will have your branding.

3. Advertise your content

Give current and potential followers a good idea of the kind of content you’ll be posting, with short clips, images, announcements or polling. You can do this on social media or on your OnlyFans page itself; unless you have set your profile to fully private, non-subscribers will be able to see the written part of your posts. Fans like to see that an account they’re thinking of subscribing to is posting content regularly.

4. Talk to your fans

Consistency and communication are key. Make a posting schedule and try to stick to it and reply to comments and DMs. Let your fans feel like they’re in their own community, purpose-built for them to get closer to you.

5. Try Tiered PPVs

Pay-per-view messages allow you to share exclusive content via messages with your dedicated fans who are willing to pay for it. Try sending PPVs with a variety of prices to appeal to fans with different levels of finances and commitment. For example, low: $3 Medium: $10, High: $15

6. Reserve the content that you think will be most lucrative for PPVs

Your superfans will be willing to pay to open your PPVs if they feel they’re going to get something really special.

7. Get to know your audience

Find out what your fans want and learn what works. Use polls to ask your fans what kind of content they want to see next and track what’s successful with the help of the analytics features on OnlyFans. For PPVs, you can track how many messages have been opened, read, and which price points are the most successful.

8. Do promotional campaigns throughout the year

Sales are a great way to draw people in or engage your current followers by making them feel they’re getting a bargain for extra content. There’s always an excuse to do a promotional campaign, like making use of Halloween, Christmas or whatever seasonal event you celebrate.

9. Consider making your account free

An alternate strategy to consider is making your account free. This can allow for a higher following as subscribers don’t have to commit to paying a monthly subscription fee. Free accounts can use the pay-per-view post feature, which allows you to monetise individual posts, in addition to PPVs and tips. Although you don’t have the predictability of subscription income, this strategy can be lucrative and lead to wider brand recognition.

10. Collaborate with other creators and swap shout outs

OnlyFans allows you to tag other creators in posts just like any other social media platform, meaning creators can shout each other out and collaborate with ease. Team up with like-minded creators that have audiences with similar interests to your followers. You can swap shoutouts and content or, even better, shoot joint content together.

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